Be Thankful Quote 23

My great-niece (age 4 1/2) drew this heart in the sand. The story that goes along with it is hilarious. I am so grateful for my pictures that spark my memories.

Have you ever ran across a picture that sparked a memory that you had forgotten? I would love to hear about it.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Black Friday. I enjoyed my day here in the comfort of my home. 

Be kind to yourself,



About VickiManuel

Most of my life I was living life like a zombie. Feeling as if I was lost, misplaced, not knowing where to take my next step. I was afraid to let anyone know what was going on inside my mind, how I felt, so I lived as everyone else. Smiling the whole way, doing my best to look at the positive. Then something miraculous happened. I asked God to guide me where HE wanted me to go. To put me on HIS path to help HIM, do HIS work. Before I knew it I was on my new journey being introduced to new and wonderful experiences. I have to admit it I was stubborn as an untamed horse but I am so glad He gave me the strength to continue on. Now, I am the happiest that I have ever felt. I have lost loads of weight, gained my health back, jumped out of my comfort zone, and feel amazingly blessed. As a health coach I would like to help guide and mentor you in your journey. Through my experiences and education, HIS wisdom and word YOU too can meet your goals and begin your journey to a healthier, more energetic, more vibrant YOU. Building your own Mile-Stone (Moments In Life Etched in your Soul To Open New Experiences)
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